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Boro Patch Kimono

RM 399.00

Made of up-cycling denims and the lining of batik fabric to add a vibrant feel of Malaysian heritage, the kimono could be worn as to your preference. It took 3 of our underprivileged mothers and 3 weeks of work to handcraft these kimonos. With over 600 denim patches were done to have each and individual kimono, a unique value of it's own.

Do note that all of our products are made from upcycled types of denim, therefore with each purchase, the context of the types of denim (colors, patterns, etc) would likely not be the same as ones displayed on the website. But the design of each product would follow the exact as the ones displayed once purchased. Meanwhile, as for the lining and fabric used for our products are dependent on stocks of fabric materials availability. Thus, with very purchases are as unique on their own.

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